Caithness Energy, L.L.C (“Caithness”) is an private power provider, focusing on the development, operation, and management of unique power generation assets in North America. Caithness is focused on providing environmentally progressive projects, including but not limited to wind, solar, geothermal and natural gas.


Caithness uses

% less energy

Employed over

Local Union Workers

Job creation resulted in

Million in financial activity

  • Caithness projects use 34% less energy than most other plants.
  • This type of plant emits less emissions than the older plants in the area.
  • First Caithness project employed over 400 local union workers resulting in over $300 million of local financial activity.
  • Caithness Long Island Energy Center's facility was the first major baseload power plant built on Long Island in nearly 40 years. Thanks to advancing technologies, Caithness Plants are cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable than those of the past.


Meet NYS Target

% Carbon Emissions

Save Long Islanders

Million in Energy Cost

Pay Over $190 Million

Million in Property Taxes

  • By 2030, Caithness II will meet 30% of New York States Carbon emissions target alone.
  • Will save Long Islanders an estimated $75 million in energy costs.
  • Once completed, Caithness will pay over $190 million in property taxes. Nearly two-thirds of that will go back into the communities and school districts.


    The Current Caithness plant generates more than 10% of Long Island power by itself, in a time where 50% of the power used for Long Island Homes comes from out-of-state plants, now more than ever we need to continue building in-house plants.

    Not only a contributor to the workforce, Caithness contributes annually to a collegiate scholarship program granted to students from the local school districts.

    The scholarships are to promote standards of excellence and provide opportunities for local students who have an interest and excel in sciences, especially engineering or environmental studies.

Leaders in the workforce all over Long Island recognize that this project is good for our community. Caithness II is a major victory for the working people of Long Island and a win in the fight against Global Climate Change.
John Durso, President of the Long Island Federation of Labor says, "Our leaders in government at every level should be exploring this, and other regionally important infrastructure projects, as methods by which Long Island can remain environmentally sustainable and economically competitive."
The opportunities this can provide for Brookhaven are unparalleled. Whether they are economic, environmental, or labor based. When built it can

“provide additional safeguards for continuous uninterrupted power." says Matthew Arachich, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau and Suffolk County.